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Crane Novacane is an atypical, creative force who has been making his mark in the music
industry for over a decade. The Detroit native began his climb in the late 90's as a rapper on the East Side of Detroit and, in 2001, he started Hot Lava records. Perseverance and
determination opened the door for Crane Novacane.

Under the helm of Crane Novacane, the label’s biggest achievement came with Stretch
Money’s record “It Takes Money.” Due to heavy rotation on the popular radio stations WJLB and 105.9, the single became a classic hit. Subsequently, Crane Novacane parlayed this accomplishment and released a string of successful mixtapes.

 Crane Novacane is a universal artist who has a timeless appeal for all who encounter his music. As his momentum continues to build,the national stage will be his home within the coming years.